• “We have been using MedServices EHS (renamed to PhoenixEHS™) software for the past 10 years and the product has served our clinic well. Customer service and responsiveness of the team is exemplary, and we are very pleased and would recommend the solution to any clinic”

Deborah M

Exec. Dir. Clinic, FL.



  • "Our clinic has been on MedServices EHS (renamed to PhoenixEHS) software since Oct 2013. We have found the software very user friendly for our volunteers who sometimes only work once a month. They are able to pick it right up after being away for so long, and it is an asset to our clinic because of it's reporting capabilities and easy-to-see cumulative data on the facility homepage screen. I recommend MedServices Clinical software as it has improved our volunteer experience and data collection process immensely."

Jessica S.

Exec. Dir. Clinic, FL.

  •   “It has been 18 months since we “went live.” This user-friendly system has absolutely exceeded our expectations at every level; EMR, PAP, Prescription, Donor, Volunteer and Reporting. The software platform has been tailored to meet the needs of clinics and has in my opinion the best customer service in the industry. On behalf of my entire staff, “I highly recommend them!”

Shannon W.

Exec. Dir. Clinic, IL.


  • “Prior to integrating the MedServices (renamed to PhoenixEHS) software system at our Clinic we tracked patient data using excel spreadsheets and scheduled patients using a calendar on Microsoft Outlook. Now we are able to track patient via diagnosis, scheduled appointments, prescriptions, and more. This system has enabled us to track and easily pull data for grants and other funding opportunities. The team is very accommodating in creating individualized reports helpful for all our needs.”

Melissa S, MHA,

Manager, Health Clinic Hospital, FL.

"Our facility was looking for an EHS that would handle the unique needs of a free clinic. We selected MedServices EHS (renamed to PhoenixEHS) Software, which is an 'all-in-one system’ that allows us to use an integrated EMR, Rx, PAP, Donor, and Volunteer modules. We were able to consolidate important patient information that had previously been spread across several programs, as well as eliminating two costly maintenance agreements, as the programs were no longer needed. Having a single system to house all the necessary functions ensures that all staff, providers, and volunteers have access to the same information at all times.

In addition, being able to use a single system greatly streamlined the training process for our clinic. The customer support staff is extremely patient and worked with us to ensure that we were fully comfortable with the system. They made sure that we were going to get the full benefit of our EHS. Since it is cloud based and hosted at their Tier III Datacenter, issues are quickly diagnosed over the phone, and we did not have to invest in costly internal servers, staff or the on-going maintenance in order to use the system."

Mike R.

Operations Manager. Clinic, IL.